Getting set up in a new house can be a lot of fun! There’s nothing like starting fresh and making a home your own. When it’s time to move into your bedroom, you should think like a sleep expert. Many people have trouble sleeping at night, and some of these problems can be helped by simply designing your bedroom with sleep in mind. If you’re ready to get a good night’s sleep, then use these tips to create a peaceful and relaxing oasis in your bedroom.

Keep it dark

Light can be the enemy of sleep. This includes sunlight that pours through the windows or the light transmitted from electric devices like smartphones and tablets. If you want to get good sleep, then you want to keep your bedroom as dark as possible at night. Invest in some good blackout curtains that will filter out both sunlight and street lights. Wear a blackout mask to banish light completely. And, of course, avoid using devices while in bed. Your smartphone, computer, tablet, and/or television can seriously affect your ability to get rest.

Establish a no-work zone

In addition to keeping electronics out of your bedroom, you should also designate it as a work-free zone. The lines between our personal and professional lives have blurred, especially during the pandemic when so many of us are working from home. But you can’t get good sleep if you’re worried about work. Keep all work-related items out of your bedroom. If your bedroom doubles as a home office space, then find a way to partition your desk from your bed. You can use a room divider, bookcase, or even curtain panels hung from the ceiling. Also, consider turning your closet into your workspace so you can simply shut the door when work is over for the day.

Limit noise

Sounds can wreak havoc on the quality of your sleep. For this reason, you should try to soundproof your bedroom as much as possible. It is easy to be disturbed by traffic noises, loud neighbors, or even the other occupants of your home. Reduce or mask noise by using a white noise machine or earplugs. You can also minimize how much sound enters your room by using weather tape around windows or placing large furniture against exterior walls.

Keep it cool

Did you know that temperature can seriously affect how well you sleep? Most people sleep best in a somewhat cool environment. The ideal temperature for most people is somewhere between 60 and 68 agrees. If you don’t have air conditioning, use a fan. You can also buy a cooling pillow that stays cool to the touch while you sleep (they really do work!).

Keep decor minimal

Finally, don’t be tempted to stuff your bedroom with all your favorite items. You’ll sleep better with fewer distractions. Remove all clutter from your bedroom, especially anything that reminds you of work to be done like piles of laundry. Having fewer items in your room also means you’ll have fewer things to clean. Keeping your bedroom clean is a great way to help ensure that you’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight and for many nights to come.

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