6 years ago, I remember Moira asking for me to have a cup of coffee with her friend Liz who was considering getting in the real estate business. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to grow my team. Moira, Ed and I had a great thing going, but I said “ok I will meet with her just to talk about the business, not my business. Well for those of you that now me I think a quarter of the conversation revolved around real estate, and three quarters was myself being attracted to Liz and her story. I could sense almost immediately that we had the same moral compass, and her reasons for being attracted to real estate were the same ones I had 14 years ago. Someone gave me start and now it was my turn to help someone else. Help, she did not need as she embraced the business immediately. What she did not know lay ahead for her a short time after she got licensed was a set of twins and red heads at that. I will never forget when she came into the office and asked, “are you going to fire me”? I told her I would fire her if she did not take the time off, she needed to love and care for her new bundles of joy. My office door was always open and now that the boys are older…Liz did not just walk back in she came barreling back. Her business has grown with each year and in 2020 she had her best year ever!! She works tiredly for her clients and has a “never give up” attitude that I admire, and I know her clients are thankful for.!! She has been a Main Liner for life (with a short stay in London) just like Moira and myself and the people she knows and overall knowledge of the area are invaluable attributes that she offers to her buyers and sellers.