The blondtourage continues not to mention beautiful youth as my latest team mate to join, is our daughter in-law Bianca. She started dipping her toes in the business with assisting me, (ha ha-ha doing it all) our social media presence and so much more! One thing led to another and I quickly realized that Bianca’s hunger to learn coupled with her extraordinary skill set and past business experiences would make her a perfect addition to the Hospodar Team as a licensed agent!! Her organizational skills are second to none, which one needs so badly in this business, and there has not been a career in her life that she has not been successful in!! Her extensive knowledge of our ever-changing electronic world that we live in is certainly a benefit to all her clients, not to mention our entire team!! She is one of the hardest working people I know, and Bianca will work tirelessly for you until she achieves your goals. Bianca is the ultimate teammate, and I am thrilled that she has joined me!!