Crazy to think my own daughter would want to join me after witnessing and literally living in our real estate world for almost the last 20 years. She has seen it all, the good and the bad, so certainly Ashton did not make this decision without a lot of knowledge about the business. Thrilled would be an understatement as my eyes are currently welling up with tears as I write this. Ashton is our oldest daughter and from the time she was a little girl her Type A personality has helped her achieve so many goals in life that I have no doubt she will be a huge success in real estate. Having only just gotten her license a couple of months ago, she already has achieved success with a couple of sales. Her “take charge” attitude coupled with having been born and raised on the Main Line, has given and will continue to give all her clients the upper edge which you need so badly in today’s competitive market. Hopefully, she has learned a thing or two from her old Mom here and knowing Ashton she will be teaching me a thing or two!! Dreams do come true, and I am over the moon to have her not only by my side in life, but now as a teammate too!!